It’s the mantra we live by.
It’s what drives us to work every day.
It’s what makes us thrive.
Because it’s a thin line between performance and outperformance.
It’s the difference between good and great.
And that’s what inspires us – to bring extra-ordinary to the table.

“Extraordinary accomplishments are only achieved
when we are able to overcome extraordinary challenges.”

– O.J. Brigance

Taking an owner-centric approach, our team of experts collaborate with clients to craft one-of-a-kind SMART offerings. By obsessing over everything – land development, site analysis, unit mix and floor plan design, time efficiency, project administration and permitting – we consider details that bring alive land development and create SMART housing. Because for us, putting in that extra effort is the difference between failure and success.

At Constructinople, we bring the key services of design and build under one roof. To help you break down the silos and see the bigger picture. This brings better integration and seamlessness required for every successful land development project.


Arriving in Austin in 2012 as a Syrian immigrant, Kenda was amazed how much the city had to offer and she fell in love with it immediately. For a person starting her life afresh in new country was hard. But Austin embraced her as one of its own and made her feel at peace and secure again. Not only was she was encouraged to complete her studies but also lead her company without any fear.

Being an immigrant herself, Kenda understood the issues faced by refugees and has committed herself to help other refugees. She once visited a family with five kids and could see that the lady was frustrated with the place they were living in. Many refugees were similarly struggling in their old and non-functional houses in worn-down areas. In that moment, she knew that she had to offer something to these families and help them find better, smarter places with reasonable prices.

Kenda’s passion, popularity and reputation backed by extensive knowledge in the real estate and property management field led her to establish Constructinople. For over 5 years, she has successfully added improvements to both her and her investors’ properties of multi-family apartment complexes by increasing the value of their investments. With the city’s emphasis on affordable housing, Constructinople designed and developed a project of 24 houses specifically to cater to this audience.

Years later, Kenda continues chasing her goals and shattering glass ceilings. She encourages people get their education, work, and be productive, and at the same time she enables developers to offer affordable SMART housing for those in need.


What makes us stand apart is that we offer a suite of design and build services to develop SMART housing.
This unique combination offers huge advantages to developers – by saving time and costs.
Some of the specialized services we offer are:

Smart Home Builder
including ADU’s, Affordable Housing, Apartments, Tiny Homes, etc.

SMART Water Meters
Pole Installs, Meter Installs and Troubleshooting

SMART Engineering

SMART Surveying


Constructinople has been at the core of some outstanding projects in Austin.
Within 3 years incorporation, we have designed and built over 50 dwelling units and undertaken critical maintenance projects for existing infrastructure. Take a look at some project snapshots here:

A at Lamppost
Affordable Housing community
coming in Spring 2021

Pond Management


School Maintenance
Millwork, Interior Finish-outs,


Track & Fieldwork


Utility Taps



Our small team comprises of some great talent.
We depend on each other to create smarter solutions
and bringing out the best for every client.

Eyad Kasemi, EIT
Eyad Kasemi, EITPrincipal
Leslie Botello
Leslie BotelloOperations Manager
Sam Norallah
Sam NorallahProject Control Coordinator


We only work with partners who are able to deliver to our uncompromising demands.
For us, scale isn’t as important as commitment. Therefore, we work with teams that show dedication and innovation.

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We are always on the look-out for extraordinary talent.
If you have what it takes to re-imagine the ordinary,
drop us an email at [email protected].


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